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How small and medium-sized businesses can stay competitive with larger companies
Some of the latest changes in technology are making it easier for employees to connect with clients and conduct business, which makes it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to compete against larger companies.
The places you'll go: Tips for female graduates on how to lean in to your career
Does the so-called glass ceiling still exist? The truth is females face unique considerations when it comes to growing and navigating a career.
5 tips for fighting grime: The squeaky-clean truth about the dish pit and commercial dishwashers
Learn how the right dish washing area can keep your restaurant running smoothly and efficiently while keeping your cookware and dishes clean.
Smart ways for small business owners to spend their cash this spring
Small business owners expecting a tax refund should consider these ways to make the most of the money they'll get back.
Ice is nice: 5 simple steps to maintain your commercial ice machine
It's easy for restaurants and other food service businesses to forget about one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in their kitchens: the commercial ice machine. But ice is critical to the storage, preparation and distribution of items on your menu, and must be treated like food when it comes to safety and sanitation.
Small business owners: Demand more from your tech [Infographic]
The new world of business computers
Choice is great, right? It sure is, except when the options leave your head spinning. Businesses have a lot to consider when purchasing computers these days with touch screen laptops, Chromebooks, Windows 8 vs. Windows 7, and choosing between desktop computers, laptops and even tablets.
Commercial refrigeration: Sizzling insight on the coolest part of your food service business
Building your professional brand
Personal branding is an elusive topic to most people, yet it is important for career success. Wise professionals with career success know it can mean the difference between landing that dream job and never getting noticed.
Small business 101: What you may not know about your credit card processor
The electronic payment processing industry is a critical component for small, mid-size and large businesses alike. All merchants depend on reliable, affordable electronic payment services to grow their businesses; however, some credit and debit card processors take advantage of small businesses that do not have large accounting and auditing teams to protect their interests. Rates can be easily misrepresented, fees can be hidden or inflated - and the numbers quickly add up.
Successful restaurant kitchens have 5 indispensable pieces of cooking equipment
Know what employers want before applying to be in law enforcement
With the economy improving, more job opportunities are appearing, giving today's students openings to show prospective employers their skills and professional talents. However, the job market is still competitive, and students need to know - and then acquire - the skills prospective employers want.
Thinking about writing off Social Security? Not so fast
Social Security is a hot topic these days. Unfortunately, many Americans are still in the dark when it comes to planning for Social Security. And that could have significant consequences.
Turn your tax refund into savings
Millions of Americans get a refund on their taxes each year. If you are one of them, why not use part of your refund to save for the future with a Series I Savings Bond from the U.S. Department of the Treasury? You can invest as little as $50 in this affordable, safe and convenient savings option, which can help you meet your long-term savings goals and build a brighter future.
Business owners: Resolve to use your time for growth in 2014
Each year offers a chance for new beginnings - an opportunity for people to reflect on the past and make personal resolutions to use their time effectively to prosper in the year ahead. The same is true for businesses, as entrepreneurs and business owners set new strategic goals and plans for growth. Here are some tip resolutions for business owners in 2014.
Get back to basics with your business technology
Technology can do a lot for home offices as well as small and medium-size businesses, but choosing and investing in the appropriate level of technology can sometimes feel overwhelming and time-consuming. Business owners and consumers alike sometimes overspend on technology rather than selecting the right tools to help them improve their productivity while keeping their costs at a minimum.
Top apps help keep small-business owners efficient and on the go
With all the buzz surrounding business use of "cloud computing," you might think the concept of conducting business anywhere - on the road, in the board room, on a soccer field or in the gym - was a new one. But small-business owners (SBOs) have been working on the go for decades. The arrival of mobile apps has just made things a little easier for them.
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