Saturday, February 6, 2016
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Will it be the Broncos or the Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on February 7?

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1Chad Lewis, Charlie Polhamus, Lamar Moss, Laura Mays Trevena, Pressley Paulk
2 Cassandra Burch, Annette Braddy
3 Walt Gordon, Gregory Langston, Belinda Dixon, Chandler Hammond
4 John Ed Castleberry, Tony Eckler
5 Jason Young, Hulin Reeves, Jed Clark, Phillip Croft, Lynn Bryant, Zena Hallman, Ben Jacobs, Len Spivey
6 Grant Cowan, Russ Ridgeway, Gary Gaines, Kinsey Chaney
7 Bryan Abell, Suzy Leis, John Bishop III, Daniel Pelham, Mike Bishop, Lynn Guined, Katie Ruth Pryor
8 Marjori Sowell, Glenda Harris Brown, Bob Hodges, Luke Gamble, Will Reaves, Art Anderson, Charlie Burke, Tammy Huggins, Mike Abell, Jim Casper, Jackie Harden, Clayton Roberts, Vauda Lee Skinner, Frank Snowden, Lamar Stone
9 Justin Coleman, Randy Cobb, Amanda S. Griffin, Carswell Leis, Max Sheffield
10 Basil Steele, Steve Butler, Jeremy Martin, Sis S. Dorminy, Jeremy Martin, Ryan Morris, Tony Hogan
11 Brian Morris, Barbara Brinson, Brent Jacobs
12 Lori Wiggins Hennesy, Natalee Moore, Ike McElmurray, Marley Thompson, Betty Spicer Martin, Sue Ellen Eget, Brenda Cozart, Clayton Riehle, Byron Smith
13 Jody Biggs, Edna Lu Dorminy, Tim Fussell
14 Linda Gail Hughes, John Foster, Mary Robinson, Ashley Moore, Allen Brown
15 Billie Jo Peacock, Joanna Hair, Alex Green, Amanda L. Griffin, Roy Lott, Tim Handley, Rick Bostelman, Buddy Prescott, Leo Roberts, Jr., Ted Kandler
16 John Arthur Sowell, Mildred Collier, David F. Justice, Andy Johnson, Chip Wallace, Sharon Mitchell, Becky Hill, Louise Whelchel
17 Gail McEachern Campbell, David Smith, Jordan Brown
18 Jamie Ross, Bill Sowell, Ryan Johnson, Jan Ussery, Melissa Burgess, Lee Smith, Khamali Wilcox, Thomas James “T.J.” Taylor
19 Delene B. Clark, Ashley Rich, Audrey Anna Young, Milton Ussery
20 Charlotte Nelms, Gene Dorminy, Tammi Purvis, Karen Selmeyer, Karen Jones, Dianne T. Brown
21 Lydia Cook, Tim Ellington, Riley Evans, Darryl Mitchell, Kevin Mitchell, David Roberts
22 Sarah Massee, Jay Martin, Kim Bryant
23 Autumn Sherrill, Gene Cowan, Mary Linda Walker, Shannon Dorough, Brenda J. Davis Phillips, Tammy Tomberlin, Jessica Chapman
24 Valerie T. Freeman, Holley Henn Hennesy, Pearline Hodge, Stephane Reaves, Rebecca Braddy, Marcia Huggins, Dianne Pickard Howell, Maritza Pryor, Mike Ruffin
25 Ginger Whitley, Lynn Cleghorn, Tony Ellington, Lucille Smith, Sandy Farris
26 Jim Smith, Michael Jay, Paulette Crumpton
27 Jerry Dixon, Peyton Parrott, Melba Mitchell, Zachary Scott Sheppard, Nancy Whidden
28 Julian Connell, Blanche Brannen, Larry Hall, Lisa Stone
29 Brenda Whitley, Laura W. Norris, DeDee Braddy, Maurisa Paulk
30 Shelbi Pelham, Jenni Lynn Taylor

1 Mike and Karla Foster
2 Rick and Sandy Bostelman
3 Ted and Frankie Cowan
6 David and Judy Hobby
9 Bubba and Teresa Hollingsworth
12 Steve and Kathy Taylor
13 Van & Kim Newell, Don and Eulalie Woeltjen
15 Joe and Jeanette Fletcher
17 Mike and Debbie Yarbrough
18 J.D. & Lillian Cleghorn, Brian and Cindy Morris
21 Maurice and Valerie Freeman
25 Zeke and Rachel Bishop, Don and Betty Norris

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