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Another Taliban leader has been killed in an American drone strike. Is this likely to assist the peace process in Afghanistan?


Tips for caretakers to help their loved one get better nutrition
Swamped this summer? 7 tips to keep your family healthy
What makes you feel fulfilled? Uncovering the secret to living your best life
Parents: Tips for preventing and battling super-lice
Tips for battling every parent's nightmare bugs: head lice.
What you need to know about the opioid epidemic
Surprising facts about the opioid epidemic.
vs.MS: An initiative to shed light on the realities of multiple sclerosis [Infographic]
Learn about an initiative to shed light on the realities of multiple sclerosis.
Calling all small employers: Affordable, quality health coverage for your employees
School's out: 4 tips to help your child with ADHD thrive this summer
How to help your child with ADHD have the best summer ever
Seniors commit suicide twice as often as teens
How you can stop the growing epidemic of senior suicide.
Feel rushed at the doctor's office? How to get more 1-1 time
Learn how to get more 1-1 time with your doctor.
Catch 'em before they bite: 6 steps for fewer mosquitoes
Stop mosquitoes at the source with these five tips.
Meet the millennial mom: Same infant feeding concerns, savvier about savings
The ultimate sunscreen application guide [infographic]
Changing the RA NarRAtive, it takes two! [Infographic]
Learn about the RA NarRAtive global surveys, which were fielded among more than 1,700 rheumatologists and 3,900 people living with RA, assessed the physician-patient relationship and attitudes towards disease status, communication and treatment satisfaction.
The Evolution of the Diagnosis of Binge Eating Disorder in Adults [Infographic]
This infographic explores the evolution of the diagnosis of binge eating disorder in adults.
4 common mold myths debunked
What you really need to know about mold in your home.
Fuel your day with 5 energizing superfoods
10 simple, week-by-week steps for a healthier summer
5 fresh steps to reorganize your spring routine
4 remarkable new health care innovations made possible by plastics
Learn about four remarkable new health care innovations made possible by plastics.
5 easy ways to reduce digital eyestrain
Here are five easy ways to reduce digital eyestrain.
Hepatitis C: A silent epidemic among baby boomers
Learn why Hepatitis C is considered a silent epidemic among baby boomers.
Hepatitis C: A silent epidemic among baby boomers
Hepatitis C: A silent epidemic among baby boomers
Hepatitis C: A silent epidemic among baby boomers
The single most-important thing you can do to protect your vision
Buying vision insurance could be the best thing you do to protect your eyesight.
Cultural awareness, collaborative spirit: Building a culture of health
4 ways to make a healthier you right now
10 ways to be more active during the work day
Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020: Grains as part of a healthy eating pattern [Infographic]
Make sure you're getting the nutrition your body needs by following the dietary guidelines in this infographic.
Too much sitting: A dangerous trend [Infographic]
See why too much sitting can be dangerous for your health.
The edible backyard: A source for family meals - and fun
8 ways to make your eyes happy
Bite back against mosquitoes this season with these prevention tips
Survey finds need for better asthma control [Infographic]
See results of a survey that shows there is a need for better asthma control.
A springtime glow: 6 ways to purify your skin
3 facts you don't know about fruit and fruit juice
When healthy still doesn't feel good
If you're eating well but still don't feel great, here are some possible reasons.
6 ways to vacation your way to wellness and weight loss
Country-wide sodium reduction could be harmful
Break the Cycle: Addressing Acne Before it Begins [Infographic]
Learn tips to address acne before it even starts.
Top 10 foods that might be affecting your digestive health
Smart shopping tips for people with asthma and allergies
Step up your summer beauty regimen with help from expert dermatologists
10 heart-healthy foods that you'll actually want to eat
Surprising foods that pack a protein punch
How to pack more protein into your diet with tasty results.
Get moving! 6 ways to add steps to your day
6 ways to get moving and get healthy!
How to get more bang for your charitable buck
More Americans are turning to donor advised funds to extend the power of their charitable donations.
The important role vaccines may play in helping keep children and adults healthy
6 reasons straining to hear interferes with your life
Battling mosquitoes? Eliminate standing water to deprive bugs of breeding spots
Ridding your yard of standing water can help reduce mosquito problems.
Nursing shortage creates career opportunities at senior living communities
Center offers hope for eating disorder recovery
Want to know your donation really makes a difference? Give local, America!
From at school to home: 5 steps to keep kids active
Stop the nausea of migraine headaches with this innovative solution
Learn about an innovative solution to help stop nausea related to migraine headaches.
Taking a bite out of life insurance premiums
Unscrambling the dietary guidelines
Making care contagious [Infographic]
See how care during the flu season is being tracked in this infographic.
7 supplements to boost your health [Infographic]
Learn about seven powerful vitamins and supplements that deserve your attention.
Take on taxing headaches [Infographic]
This tax season, learn how to quickly take on taxing headaches to file away some of that stress.
Take Down Cholesterol [Infographic]
Get helpful information on cholesterol and tips on how to lower your cholesterol level in this infographic.
Nationwide need for volunteer firefighters grows: Are you up to the challenge?
Nurses address global health care concerns through virtual learning
Vaccines for teens: Keep your adolescent vaccinations up to date [Infographic]
This infographic will inform and engage parents and adolescents/young adults on the importance of keeping up-to-date on vaccines.
Boston man with multiple sclerosis reaches new heights with support partner
Learn how one man with multiple sclerosis is reaching new heights.
Community connections are a lifeline when coping with chronic disease
Learn how a support group is helping those with chronic diseases.
The heart screening you should do now
One simple, painless test on your legs can help determine your risk of heart disease.
Multiple Myeloma At A Glance [Infographic]
This infographic has information about multiple myeloma, a life-threatening blood cancer of plasma cells.
What television gets wrong about weight loss and how it's affecting kids
Service dog provides support for entire family
Learn how a service dog is providing support for one entire family.
Backyard bounty: Vegetables are nature's original nutritional powerhouses
World Water Day brings awareness to the Global Water Crisis
It's your medical record: Make sure it's always about you
Find out how you can make sure your medical record is always about you.
Need readers? Here are key facts to know before you buy reading glasses
When you're ready for reading glasses, here are important facts to keep in mind.
5 ways to be kind to your kidneys
Learn five ways to be kind to your kidneys.
What would you do for a good night's sleep? [Infographic]
See what lengths Americans are willing to go to achieve a good night's sleep in this infographic.
What parents-to-be should know about prenatal screening tests
Genetic conditions all pregnant women should know about
Learn about genetic disorders in this article.
2 ways to protect your vision from blue light
Learn how you can protect your eyes from blue light.
5 ways to revamp your run
How to tell if someone needs inpatient drug treatment
The promise of immunotherapy is transforming cancer treatment for many patients
Immunotherapy is transforming cancer treatment for many patients. Learn one patient's story.
Learning and attention issues: A child's invisible struggle
Challenges for patients with obesity in the hospital [Infographic]
See results of a new survey that shows time in the hospital is often more difficult for heavier patients.
Kidney disease: Are you at risk?
Are you at risk for kidney disease?
Local farmers help hungry neighbors in rural America
5 tips for pain management with opioids: What you need to know about common prescription medications
This article what you need to know about common prescription medications.
New campaign encourages men to 'Ask About the Curve' [Infographic]
A new campaign is encouraging men to "Ask About the Curve."
It's Tournament Time, and Millions of Men Are 'Mad' About March
Learn about a new campaign that helps raise awareness of Peyronie's disease.
Boomers: 5 proven practices to win the race against aging
Tips for boomers to take control of their health.
The one test that can improve your health today
Genomic testing can provide insight into your future health.
Making a healthy change for you, your community and the environment
Celebrate Sleep Awareness Week with comfort science for a better night's rest [Infographic]
Learn about the science of sleep in this infographic.
5 tips for a fabulous, healthy 2016
Improve your health this year with these tips.
Help for people with irregular heartbeat [Infographic]
Learn about a treatment option for atrial fibrillation, which impacts an estimated 2.7 million Americans.
A new treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea
Can't get sleep? Have problems snoring? There's a new treatment that could help.
Veterans seek alternative treatments to post-traumatic stress
Where's my liver anyway? [Infographic]
Learn about your liver and liver disease in this infographic.
Spotlight on the transformation of metastatic melanoma care [Infographic]
Learn about the transformation of metastatic melanoma care in this infographic.
Achoo! Are your seasonal allergies under control?
Life hacks for better living: 5 easy steps to help you address hearing loss
Having trouble hearing? Learn five easy steps to help you address hearing loss.
Food for Thought: Cooking for Your Heart
One simple ingredient for a better-for-you breakfast
Are you at risk for viral hepatitis? This quiz could help save your life
Learn about your risk for viral hepatitis.
5 better-for-you ways to host your next brunch or dinner
Early intervention in schizophrenia: One mother's story
Learn one mother's story about how she is coping with her daughter's schizophrenia diagnosis.
Easing women's pain: Exercise, identifying triggers are key, research shows [Infographic]
Learn why women should not be shy in taking care of themselves, especially when it comes to daily pain.
Real reasons why grandma won't eat - and how you can help improve her nutrition
Not your mother's facelift
Learn about a new treatment that can tone and brighten your skin.
Shedding for the wedding: Your 3-month guide
Innovative treatment for a common heart condition
Learn about an innovative treatment for a common heart condition.
10 expert health tips that simplify holistic living
Award-winning musician raises awareness of rare and fatal lung disease
Learn how an award-winning musician is raising awareness of rare and fatal lung disease.
Clean hands save lives [Infographic]
Learn about health care-associated infection (HAI) and how it can be prevented.
Are smart homes the key to unlocking relationship woes?
5 myths and one truth about the cold and flu
Unlocking the heart-healthy secret of mushrooms
7 steps to allergy relief with spring cleaning
The best way to control allergies is to take smart spring cleaning steps now.
The Important Role of Nutrition with Pancreatic Cancer
Learn about the important role between nutrition and pancreatic cancer.
How millions of us say good morning a little differently
For the millions of Americans suffering from hypothyroidism, there are available resources to help them manage their condition by encouraging a morning routine and connecting patients to one another.
5 unbelievably yummy, better-for-you breakfast ideas
How healthy is your smile? You'd be surprised
Epilepsy around the world (infographic)
Learn interesting facts about epilepsy in this infographic.
Fishing for a healthy meal? Seafood is a smart choice
Home is where the health is [Infographic]
Learn tips for keeping a healthier home this cold and flu season.
Conquering the top 5 reasons people fail at fitness
Light up your thinking on hearing loss [Infographic]
Learn five illuminating things treating hearing loss says about you.
5 reasons you're not sleeping
These five common mistakes are killing your ability to sleep well.
Love your eyes: 5 tips for protecting against the leading cause of blindness
Opioid-Induced Constipation: Trading Confusion for Conversation [Infographic]
Learn about opioid-induced constipation in this infographic.
Starting the conversation about opioid-induced constipation
Protect your sight with this little known nutrient
7 high-tech reasons you should finally deal with your hearing loss
Learn about today's highly functional, sophisticated hearing aids, which can help you with your hearing loss.
Pancreatic Cancer: 5 Important Questions
Learn five important questions pancreatic cancer patients and their caregivers should ask.
Why bad science isn't good for anyone
7 swaps for a healthier meal [Infographic]
Looking to eat healthier? Try these seven swaps to create a healthier meal.
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