Thursday, December 5, 2019
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According to a story in the medical journal Lancet, it’s not what people are eating that is killing them, so much as what they’re not eating. Americans are not eating enough fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. How are you doing?


Smart homes aren't smart without fire sprinklers
How home fire sprinklers can help protect your family from a fast-burning house fire.
4 steps to financial fitness in the new year
Financial exercises to help you reach your goals in the new decade.
Tips for growing your small business this holiday season
4 tips to help small business owners.
8 ways your smartphone can alleviate stress this holiday season
4 myths about PC technology small businesses need to reject
Facts small-business owners should know about PC technology to save time and money.
Air travel can be dangerous for passengers with disabilities
Steps to take to ensure safety when flying if you have a disability.
5 easy ways to give back during the season of giving
A few ideas to make a meaningful contribution and show your holiday spirit.
4 questions to help you choose the right health insurance
It's open enrollment season, why not take time to shop?
Simplifying the holidays for small business owners [Infographic]
7 ways to protect yourself from Medicare fraud
How to spot Medicare fraud and do's and don'ts so you can protect yourself.
Practice makes perfect: Easy steps to plan for an emergency
What your family should do to prepare for a fire or carbon monoxide emergency.
5 retirement questions to ask before 'How much should I save?'
Before you pull out your calculator, consider these questions.
The perfect holiday gift solutions for small business owners
How small business owners can combine holiday shopping with practical ideas they need for the office.
8 simple ideas to prevent home break-ins
8 ideas to increase your personal safety.
5 reasons now is the right time to advance your career
It might be the perfect time to go back to school.
Common tech hurdles when starting a small business
5 business challenges and how you can overcome them.
Four reasons to pursue careers in nursing
Why 83 percent of nurses say they are satisfied with their career choice.
Stressed over open enrollment? Try these tips
A financial therapist offers tips on how to handle open enrollment season at your workplace.
5 carbon monoxide safety tips
5 ways to make sure you are practicing CO safety this winter.
Financial insight: Tips to reduce or eliminate high-interest debt
Three steps to consider to better manage debt.
How a seasonal job can become a career [Video]
Why brighter headlights are better
5 tips to help keep kids healthy during cold and flu season
Healthy habits to follow to curb the spread of illness.
How to choose tires that are better for the environment
How a scholarship opportunity preps students for their future
Scholarships for high school students to pursue computer science degrees.
How to harness emerging technology for small-business success
Specific technological advances that can help small and medium-sized businesses keep up with the competition.
Boost your business through global expansion
New survey gives insight on how businesses can maximize the international e-commerce boom this holiday season.
Vital careers in today’s transportation industry
Did you know that all-season tires don’t always work in all seasons?
Which apps help employees most? 3 tips for growing businesses
Does your business take advantage of digital tools?
5 do’s and don’ts to keep your identity safe from hackers
Protecting your devices from hackers.
Is your small business throwing money away because of outdated PCs?
How not upgrading your business computers could actually cost you money.
Honor a youth volunteer: Awards deadline is Nov. 5
How young Americans are making a difference.
Why your small business needs PCs built for business
The differences between PCs meant for consumers and those designed for business use.
The power of positivity: Simple tips to change your life
Simple ways to shift your mindset at work to embrace positivity.
AI in agriculture: Helping farmers and creating jobs
Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming agriculture while boosting employment.
10 steps to a DIY financial plan
How to map out your own financial plan for free.
Small businesses need to adapt to overcome cash flow problems
5 ways small-business owners can adapt their business practices.
3 ways to prepare children for jobs of the future
Strategies parents and teachers can use for helping children learn skills they need for the future.
Ways to celebrate and support women small-business owners
Steps to encourage female entrepreneurs in your community in honor of National Women's Small Business Month.
Kick Off Winter Energy Savings and a Better Environment this ENERGY STAR Day
In this age of heightened awareness of climate change, it's important that everyone do their part.
Celebrating 50 years of influential projects
How the most consequential projects of the last 50 years highlights superior project management.
How to be ready for a home fire: Plan and practice
Concrete steps to make sure everyone in your family is prepared in case of a house fire.
Understand data usage to get the best deal
Tips to make sure you get the best service at the best price.
5 tips to keep your packages safe this holiday season
Keeping packages safe so you can cyber shop stress-free.
As business payment fraud skyrockets, are you protected?
74% of businesses were victims of payment fraud. Learn how to stay protected.
Disaster relief improves with collaboration among communities, charities and companies
How individuals, communities, charities and for-profit companies can all work together to provide effective disaster relief.
Tips to ensure your retirement savings last for your entire life
Tips to retire with confidence for lifelong income.
Are you protecting your digital house from cybercrime?
Protecting your data from cyberattacks.
7 tips to help choose your health plan during open enrollment
Tips that could lead to better health and cost savings.
Top cybersecurity threats for small businesses and tips to stay protected
Maximize your employee benefits in 3 simple steps
Take time this fall to think about how your benefits needs have changed since last year.
Guide your chainsaw to a clean, effective cut every time with these tips
H&R Block can offer solutions to taxpayers who have or will receive an IRS letter or notice
Pains in the butt: 4 common side effects of sitting too long
Tips to help diminish the harmful side effects of sitting.
Ask these 5 questions before choosing a savings account
Choosing the right savings account makes a difference in how much interest you accumulate each year.
4 key resources small businesses need to succeed
Specific tools and approaches home-based or small businesses need to grow and thrive.
5 Reasons CSR Isn’t What Small Businesses Think
5 ways to keep your phone charged longer
Tips for keeping your phone from running out of juice when you're on-the-go.
How to put your college student on the right financial track
Financial tips that could have a long-lasting impact on students.
Fire safety tips that could help save your life
Helpful fire safety tips for you and your family to follow.
5 step fire safety checklist
This simple fire safety checklist can help ensure your home and family are protected.
The secret to recruiting top talent? Next-level office amenities
Examples of today's workplace amenities that go beyond standard expectations.
4 steps to help you plan for wildfires
Tips to help protect your family and minimize property damage.
Ways to save at the start of the school year
Savvy parents' tips for saving time and money for back-to-school shopping.
Medicare Open Enrollment: How to save money next year
The annual Open Enrollment period (Oct. 15 through Dec. 7) is an opportunity to make changes.
The rise of crowdfunding to pay for funerals
Factors that have fueled the rise of funeral crowdfunding.
What companies can do to adapt to rapid change
Business leaders need specific approaches to help their companies' employees adapt.
Planning to retire on your 65th birthday? We didn't think so
Medicare considerations if you plan to work past age 65.
Preparing for disaster: 9 things you can do now
9 things you can do now to be prepared if disaster hits.
Significant student benefits of flexible classroom seating
Wondering how flexible seating could help at your local schools? Here are the top benefits.
Study and organization tips for achieving goals this school year, one semester at a time
Tips to help college students with time management and study habits.
5 life lessons that can help teach kids about money
Common life experiences that can help kids pay attention to financial concepts.
Should I pay for insurance on a rental car?
AC on the fritz? What to do next
Specific factors to consider when you need to replace your air conditioner or HVAC system.
Are you a mindless muncher? Follow these smart tips for healthier snacking
Learn 7 tips for snacking healthier without sacrificing taste.
Searching for a deal on a family wireless plan? Here's what you should know
5 easy relaxation techniques to reduce stress at home
Time to think harder about your checking account
4 things to look for in a checking account.
Rising child star and mom share their top 5 tips for preparing to go back to school proud
Child star JD McCrary and his mom tell how they get ready for back to school.
The cost of complacency: How auto-pay can drain your dollars
WASHLET: The History Behind the World’s Most Luxurious and Innovative Bathroom Technology
Advanced technology features for comfort and cleanliness that can be found in today's electronic bidet seats.
Which is more important to recognize, emojis or road signs?
4 ways to celebrate a teacher who made an impact
Ideas for thanking a special teacher.
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